College Application Essay Writing Tips #2 – We are all beginners

This might be the most important tip that I will share with you because it speaks to confidence. Believing you can write a great essay is the very first step to writing a great essay.

Measured confidence can take you pretty far because you won’t be afraid to fail. Because we all know failure is not actually failure but an opportunity to learn. You’ll just dust yourself off and sharpen your pencil again.

The beauty of the college essay is that it remains hidden until you decide to release it into the world. If you hate what you’ve written, you don’t have to submit it. Remember you have trash cans, erasers, and delete buttons forever at your disposal. It’s that simple. So go for it!

You must remember that writing is like anything else. The women on the USWNT didn’t show up to the world cup without putting in some hours. Pianist don’t show up at Carnegie Hall without practicing (a ton). Teachers don’t show up to the classroom – Doctors don’t show up for surgery – Magicians don’t show up to the stage – Preachers don’t show up to the pulpit without a ton of preparation.

When you sit down to write your essay, remember that you are very likely a beginner. This means that it might be challenging in ways you didn’t expect. Just keep writing and revising. You will get there!

Here is what Ira Glass has to say about being a beginner…

So trust your writerly instincts and get busy creating that first draft!