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A blank piece of paper can be one of the most intimidating things, even for a seasoned writer. I will help you generate ideas for your essay. This brain-storming session is a one-hour block customized to help you pull out the story you want to tell to college admissions officers.

Everyone has a story.

Together, we will find yours.


Let's Make It Better

I will meet you where you are in the process of writing your common app essay. If you need to brainstorm, that’s what we will do. Or maybe you’ve picked a story. Maybe you’ve even written a draft. But it’s just not where you want it to be. I will help you make it (so much) better.

You’ll submit your draft (up to 750 words) and the prompt you are responding to at least 5 days before your appointment. Then I’ll review it and write notes for our session (usually via Zoom) with ideas for revision.

After you’ve revised and submitted your  next draft, we’ll meet again to discuss your next steps. The magic of writing happens in revision. So, we’ll keep at it until you have captured a powerful story to include in your college applications, one that will give the admissions counselors insights that simply can’t be captured in a transcript or on a resume.



We're in This Together

From start to finish, you’ll get up to three essays written and revised, starting with the common app essay. This package includes 3 one-on-one sessions with me (usually via Zoom).

In the first one-hour session, we’ll brainstorm and pull in some focus to your essay. We’ll draw up a plan for your first draft and we’ll talk (a lot) about what makes a good essay.

Then you’ll submit a draft essay at least 5 days (up to 750 words per essay) before we meet again.

In our second one-hour meeting, we will work on revisions together and make a plan for your next draft/essays.

You will then have the opportunity to submit up to two additional essays (up to 750 words each) for feedback.

In our third session, we will revise the last two essays and come up with a final plan for you to go forward with your applications.

This package will not only help you write a great essay but it will also help you become a better writer!


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